Chief Engagement Officer

image of RebeccaRebecca has worked in the primary market and survey research field for more than 30 years and is a recognized leader in public policy and social research related to government performance, transportation, the environment and energy, and public health policy. Her clients love her passion for providing insights into decisions that make a real difference. They trust Rebecca to ask tough questions and contribute her sharp strategic and analytical insights about what the data means, and what actions to take next. Rebecca has been on the forefront of using new research technology and methods including dual-frame sampling, address-based sampling and mixed mode data collection, mobile data collection, and asynchronous forums for qualitative research. She is the developer of several proprietary consumer behavior models and corresponding analytical tools including ComEngage’s CityMarks™ 5-Star Rating and a customer experience metric for public transportation agencies. From the very onset of every new engagement, Rebecca works with clients and the ComEngage team to develop a research design that’s tailored to our client’s needs and best practices in current research methods and technology. Rebecca reviews all work and gives it the litmus test for quality.

Works Passionately

Rebecca’s favorite work moments are when she sees key research insights open eyes and generate actions that makes a real difference in people’s everyday lives.

Thinks Creatively

Rebecca has been using her time to do a lot of research on research. She worked with the City of Bellevue to adapt a well-known Sense of Belonging Scale to understand better what factors contribute to or detract from residents’ feelings that Bellevue offers a strong sense of community—an important topic in light of ensuring that everyone is included. Rebecca is currently working on a series of blog posts on best research practices—keep watch.

Lives / Works Harmoniously

Rebecca is a native Seattleite and has watched this community grow and thrive. Becky is an avid sea kayaker and has adventured to remote locations around the world. Her most recent adventure entailed spending two months in a 25.5-foot RV with Richard and Bentley traveling through BC, Yukon, Alaska, and back. What an experience and some excellent kayaking—both flatwater on some of the 3,000,000 plus lakes up there and some open water in Seward, Valdez and Homer

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