Research & Engagement Associate

Nick Braun, Research & Engagement Associate Nick joined ComEngage in the summer of 2022 and is excited to be a part of public sector research helping people of different backgrounds get equal representation in the decision-making process, streamlining data collection and reporting strategies, and facilitating positive community engagement. His work at ComEngage focuses on data management, report editing and writing, dashboard development, and general project support. His background in ecological science has equipped him with the statistical and analytical tools to process larger datasets, and he is at home with quantitative reporting and project management.

Nick earned his M.S. in Forest and Environmental Sciences from the University of Washington in 2022, where he completed a thesis on the biophysical mechanisms of bigleaf maple sap flow in Western Washington to investigate a potential new maple syrup industry. He has plentiful experience in forest ecology, data entry and wrangling, scientific report writing, and coordinating between rural stakeholders. Nick’s research interests are in ecological forest management and carbon sequestration, and he is committed to creating positive change wherever possible.

Works Passionately

Nick enjoys using research and analytics to address challenges in the social sphere. He is driven to provide quality results to decision-makers.

Thinks Creatively

Nick thinks that few problems have just a single solution. He is a skeptical scientist at heart, but he stays open-minded to new ideas and worldviews.

Lives / Works Harmoniously

Nick is an avid soccer player who enjoys baking, skiing, and foraging plants in the woods. He takes advantage of the brief but beautiful Seattle summers by going to the beach often.