Chief Solutions Officer

Nathan has spent 15 in the primary market and survey research field working with government agencies, universities, technology companies, healthcare agencies and transportation agencies. He has developed strong bonds with his clients, some lasting over a decade, and is known for taking the time to truly understand what information his clients need and how to get there through high-quality research. Nathan takes an innovative and technological approach to creating robust research solutions. With ComEngage, Nathan is taking on a new challenge. He is pulling together a myriad of tools and technologies to create a research product that is truly end-to-end and provides data that are delivered faster, more reliable, easier to understand, and more engaging. Nathan’s goal is to make research pro-active as opposed to re-active by challenging clients to think of what they will need to know in the future, vs. traditional research that delivers what they needed to know yesterday.

Works Passionately

Nathan thinks of designing a quality research project as putting together a puzzle and his favorite moments come when the pieces come together and the broader picture emerges.

Thinks Creatively

Nathan is always on the look-out to see how things can be done better, faster, cheaper. This has led him down several odd paths he never thought he would take, such as learning to code in a variety of languages. That may not seem very creative to some, but from a guy who studied philosophy, it’s about as creative as it gets.

Lives / Works Harmoniously

With three kids age 5 and under, including a set of twins, “harmonious” is not how Nathan would describe his household. A better adjective would be LOUD. The “harmony” is in blending his work and personal life in this stay-at-home world, from pausing meetings to set up zoom for preschool, to muting meetings while soothing a crying 2-year old. He somehow makes it work and (most of the time) enjoys doing it.