Research & Engagement Associate

Ma'alaea Lawrence, Research & Engagement Associate

Ma’alaea joined ComEngage at the beginning of 2023. She brings research and project management experience from different interests, including ecology, horticulture, construction, and solar farming. While her background in science equips her with statistical literacy and technical writing skills, what really energizes her is connecting with people and creatively solving problems. Her work at ComEngage consists of data management, report editing and writing, and general project support.

Ma’alaea earned her B.S. in Environmental Biology and Ecology. She contributed to USDA-funded research on forest regeneration in Colorado following historic forest fires. She also conducted research on high-elevation watershed health in the Upper Colorado Basin, specifically the impact of recreational river parks on water quality and aquatic life. She has contributed to a variety of research on topics such as pollinator conservation, dryland agriculture, vertical gardening, and more. These days, her interests have shifted more towards cross-sectoral and community-driven collaborations to drive “climate-resilient transitions.” Ma’alaea believes that the well-being of people is essential in the process of building and maintaining resilient communities.

Works Passionately

Ma’alaea’s mission is to take concepts like “sustainability” and “climate resilience” out of the theoretical sphere and make them accessible and attractive to communities across all socio-economic and political spectra.

Thinks Creatively

Ma’alaea thrives when she gets to balance her analytical side with her artistic side. Outside work, she keeps her creative brain stimulated with painting, gardening, and playing piano.

Lives / Works Harmoniously

Ma’alaea grew up in Kona, Hawaii, and enjoys anything involving water or hanging out at a beach. She incorporates swimming into her daily routine because it has proven to be quite effective at counteracting the gravitational effects of working at a computer.

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