Director Finance / Administration

You might say that Kyra was born with research in her blood—her father is Emeritus Professor of Marketing (specializing in consumer behavior) at the University of Washington Foster School of Business and her mother is the founder of Northwest Research Group and COMENGAGE. You might be able to tell from her last name that she is married to COMENGAGE’s Chief Solutions Officer, Nathan Wiggin.

After working for Northwest Research Group for several years in a variety of roles conducting both qualitative and quantitative research, much of it in the area of health policy, Kyra went back to school and added a Master of Science in Business Administration, Marketing and a Ph.D. in Marketing, Psychology, and Research Methods from the University of Washington Foster School of Business to her existing degree in business from Boise State University. Kyra’s academic research focus is on curiosity as it relates to issues of self-control and reward processing. She is also interested in consumer brand relationships, goal pursuits and attribution. Kyra provides support for the daily management of any given project.

Kyra’s current role is to manage our accounting, invoicing, billing, taxes, and many of those internal issues that have to get done – so the rest of us can focus on doing really good work.