Research & Engagement Associate

Kathleen has over six years of experience working in social research and evaluation. She has worked on projects for non-profits, museums and informal education, and local governments.

Most recently, she led Pacific Science Center’s in-house evaluation team. Kathleen’s curiosity about almost everything that humans do drives her excitement for each new project and her academic background in anthropology provides a unique perspective that she uses to approach each new topic.

She is thrilled to join the ComEngage team and get the opportunity to contribute towards making a positive difference through research and data.

Works Passionately

Kathleen’s passion for qualitative data, which began as a college freshman and led to a master’s degree in Applied Anthropology, has been a consistent force driving her career. Kathleen’s aim is to deliver high-quality qualitative data that leads to thoughtful and nuanced insights that drive success. She also has the razor-sharp quantitative skills that are needed to provide the whole picture.

Thinks Creatively

Kathleen loves the process of making sense of data – taking an overwhelming amount of information and distilling it into something meaningful and understandable. She is adept at understanding different points of view and examining information from a range of perspectives in order to gain greater insights.

Lives / Works Harmoniously

Kathleen’s love of long walks around her neighborhood grew even stronger after COVID-19 made it one of the most exciting activities on offer! She also enjoys yoga and mobility training, with the long-term goal of being able to hold a handstand. You can often find her in the kitchen trying out a new recipe or making yet another cup of tea.

Blog Posts
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Diversity and Inclusion – what we see in the data

Hello! I’m Kathleen, the newest member of the ComEngage team! I’m thrilled to join as a Research & Engagement Associate. My background is in anthropology and social research, and I have spent most of my career working in evaluation for nonprofits and museums. With my background and love for qualitative research, I will be particularly…

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