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ComEngage Partner Spotlight: Insights Association

We are very proud to be a member of the Insights Association, our industry’s leading organization representing the world’s leading producers of intelligence, analytics, and insights defining the needs, attitudes, and behaviors of consumers, organizations, and their employees, students, and citizens. Launched in 2017, the Insights Association was formed through the merger of two organizations…

ComEngage - Meet Our Team

Meet the Moment. Walk the Walk.

Launched in 2019, ComEngage is built on Northwest Research Group’s 30 plus years of experience in public sector research. I’m the newest member of the team, though I have over 20 years of wide-ranging experience in the field. Based on that experience, two key elements of the ComEngage business model appealed to me most strongly…


Castle Rock 2021 Community Survey

One of our more innovative clients, Castle Rock, CO, has posted a fabulous video highlighting the results from one of our community outreach surveys.  Thank you to Castle Rock! Castle Rock Community Survey Page Castle Rock 2021 Community Survey Results Whether it’s providing new amenities or maintaining levels of service, the Town strives every day…


Accessible Online Surveys

Nathan Wiggin, our Chief Solutions Officer, recently gave a presentation about the necessity of accessible online surveys at the 2021 Sawtooth Software Conference.  Every year many researchers and insights professionals submit papers to present at the Sawtooth Software Conference. A selection committee carefully reviews and selects papers that fit best within the conference to ensure…


Conversations, a new tool to fuel insights

In our last post, we briefly discussed survey best practices to ensure high quality data when conducting community surveys and introduced you to our Essential Baseline survey. Here we will discuss tools to add to your research and engagement toolbox to take your insights to a deeper level.

Adding conversations to your toolbox is a new option. ComEngage is about opening, building, and maintaining a “dialogue” between you and your community. It provides you with a means to stay abreast of ever-changing opinions, needs, desires, and behaviors.