Boise is committed to making Boise the most livable city in the country. As part of that effort, the City needed insights into what in the minds of its residents constituted a citizen experience with “WOW.”


Insights were first gained through a resident survey focused on gaining an in-depth understanding of resident use and expectations of services and interactions with City staff.

More than 500 residents responded.

Approximately 150 survey respondents agreed to participate in follow-up online community conversations over the course of four months and covering a range of different topic areas. Transportation was one of the topics covered in-depth and included discussions about downtown mobility.


Downtown walkability was identified as critical and participants had many suggestions for improvements

“Have a central location to park our bikes. We often bike to the Saturday market, but it can be hard to find a place to park our bikes while we shop.”


Downtown traffic flow is confusing

“Go with one decision in regard to one-way streets, either expand the use or get rid of them, they're only confusing and make traffic more dangerous with the mix.”


Strong support for a park-and-ride lot with shuttle “Connector” or “Circulator”

“I would use this but would consider the frequency that it runs, the cost, wait time, and if I could walk to the destination more quickly.”