Nathan Wiggin

Director of Research

Nathan began his market research career over 10 years ago as a telephone interviewer for Northwest Research Group’s Boise, ID call center. He quickly rose through the ranks as becoming the lead for NWRG’s CityMarks™ community survey program and transportation clients.

In 2011, he decided to expand his experience and explore other opportunities; serving as a consultant for the University Of Washington and Microsoft. When Nathan heard that Rebecca was re-launching NWRG, he immediately decided that he wanted to go back to his roots and focus on the research he enjoys most, helping government agencies improve services for their citizens.

Nathan holds a B.A. in Philosophy from Boise State University and has continued his education by completing the MRA Certificate Program in the Principles of Marketing Research, University of Georgia, Statistical Methods Course from Bellevue College, and a Project Management Course from Boise State University.


Nate’s favorite moments are finding those key pieces of data that connect-the-dots to put the story together for his clients.


Nathan enjoys figuring out creative ways to best accomplish accurate sampling of hard to reach populations.


Nathan is very active in the Seattle area community. He loves to speak, and is a member is several Toastmasters clubs in the area working to perfect his skill. But his largest passion is for the mountains, and he participates in anything that can get him outdoors from skiing to backpacking to climbing. To give back to the community he loves, Nathan serves as a volunteer leader and instructor for the Seattle Mountaineers and also volunteers for King County Explorer Search and Rescue.