Residents, businesses, and community stakeholders have clear needs and expectations for what their city must provide. Use COMENGAGE.US to recruit a representative sample of your community members to participate in ongoing discussions, using a mix of quantitative and qualitative research tools, to gather insights to better inform decision-making.

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The Simple Six

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Include our Simple Six questions on any survey and get a simple but complete 360-degree perspective of your community’s Brand Health. Have instant access to your results via an online dashboard and see how you compare with other communities nationwide.

The Essential Baseline

Open the Box

Take the Simple Six to the next level with our Essential Baseline Survey to understand your residents’ strategic priorities and how well you are currently meeting their needs and expectations. Leave with a clear roadmap, directions to guide you to the next level. Track results over time to determine progress made.

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Arrive as Boss Level

Use the Essential Baseline Survey to recruit participants to be part of your team. Community members participate in a series of research activities. Gain in-depth insights into the “why” behind the “what” in your survey or provide input into key initiatives you are considering.

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The Simple Six

Our Simple Six questions provide a complete 360-degree perspective of how your residents feel about living in your city or town. Knowing the health of your brand helps you capitalize on your strengths, while identifying potential issues that may negatively impact community support for key initiatives.

  • Use our platform or your own to get near real-time feedback on these six questions displayed on a secure dashboard
  • Our Simple Six base questionnaire which includes our six simple six questions and standard demographic questions
  • See how these results translate to an overall brand health metric—your community’s 5-Star CityMarks™ Rating
  • See your results benchmarked against our annual national survey
  • Incorporate our Simple Six questions into other surveys to get ongoing feedback or insights from specific constituencies

The Essential Baseline

Add two additional sets of questions to the Simple Six to form the basis of a baseline and tracking survey, which will provide a clear roadmap with directions to get to the next level.

  • Focus on 12 Strategic Priorities that represent what people everywhere expect from their local government
  • Use a powerful approach to ask about priorities that will not only tell you what is most important, but also how much more important one priority is than another
  • Measure the extent to which you are meeting or exceeding your residents’ expectations to quickly pinpoint gaps in performance on these strategic priorities
  • Use Key Drivers Analysis to identify what services to maintain and where you might need to devote additional resources
  • Compare your results to our annual national survey
  • Have room and time to add questions of your own, addressing current issues or key topics of interest for your decision-makers

There are several easy ways to implement an Essential Baseline Survey in your community.

  • You do the outreach, inviting a sample or all of your community members to participate.
  • Or we can work with you to develop a probability sampling plan using an address-based sampling, targeted outreach, and mixed mode data collection. This will enable you to reach a representative sample of your community that reflects the diversity of those you serve.
  • Supplement your probability sample with an open invitation to your entire community. Use our proprietary methodology for merging probability and non-probability samples.

In either case, we have automated most of the process of gathering and sharing the results of our Essential Baseline Survey using our powerful technology platform, making it more timely, more useful, and more cost effective.

Continue the Conversation

Surveys are great tools to provide insights into what people think and feel, what they are doing, who are they are, and, using the right tools, what they want, support, or when they say “no way.” What surveys don’t do is tell you the “why” behind the “what.” In addition, surveys are often single point-in-time tools offering little flexibility to explore current topics and issues. Continue the conversation by. . .

  • Using our Essential Baseline Survey to recruit a representative sample of your community to participate in ongoing research, which enhances your decision-making process
  • Asking recruited community members to complete in-depth qualitative research or focused surveys on our robust community management platform
  • Using a mix of qualitative and quantitative research tools to encourage recruited community members to think outside the box and provide you with actionable insights

These conversations can last a month, three months, a year, or longer. Your ComEngage insights team will help you plan, develop, and administer these conversations using best practices in qualitative and quantitative research methodologies, including the ability to use advanced analytical tools for deeper insights. You can view the results as they come in real-time. ComEngage will also provide a report at the end of each activity.

ComEngage provides organizations the opportunity to provide community members with meaningful opportunities to participate in government decision-making and demonstrate sensitivity to public opinions as they incorporate high-quality and timely feedback into the decision-making process.

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