Step 1

Want to get a feel of how our technology allows a representative sample of your community to engage? Try our demo, become part of a group of community leaders interested in engaging.

Step 2

Once you have had the chance to view the survey in action, we encourage you to head over to our Dashboard Demo.  Here you will see how the data can be presented in real time.

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Conversations, a new tool to fuel insights

In our last post, we briefly discussed survey best practices to ensure high quality data when conducting community surveys and introduced you to our Essential Baseline survey. Here we will discuss tools to add to your research and engagement toolbox to take your insights to a deeper level.

Adding conversations to your toolbox is a new option. ComEngage is about opening, building, and maintaining a “dialogue” between you and your community. It provides you with a means to stay abreast of ever-changing opinions, needs, desires, and behaviors.

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Local GovernmentThought Tank

The Simple Six : An Update to the Power of Five

We Started with Five Questions That Result in One Powerful Rating We’ve Made it More Powerful with the introduction of the Simple Six. This year, 2020, when we updated our annual Benchmarking Survey and finished the development of ComEngage’s core products and services, we decided to add an additional and frequently used question…

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