ComEngage offers a full range qualitative and quantitative research services using current best practices in research methods and technologies to help better inform your critical decisions. While our work with local governments and transportation agencies is extensive, we have a wealth of experience in a variety of subject areas as well as with different research methodologies and analytical tools. In fact, custom research solutions have been our bread and butter for decades.

Our Custom Solution Options

Custom Research

While we feel that the vast majority of your needs can be met by one of our existing products, some issues and questions require a custom, ad-hoc research solution. In fact, custom research solutions have been our bread and butter for decades, including. . .

  • Measuring potential support for planned ballot initiatives / measures
  • Human needs assessment
  • Department specific (e.g., parks, library, airports) surveys to support long-range planning
  • Business community surveys
  • Employee research

Much of this work has withstood the highest levels of scrutiny, including peer reviews and testimony before government regulators.

If you don’t see what you want, please reach out and let’s talk. We have a wealth of experience in a variety of methodologies and subject areas. Additionally, we have a whole host of optional analytical tools that can be used to determine anything from ballot measure support to mode-shift.

Advanced Analytics

We don’t believe that advanced analytics is for the few that have additional dollars to invest. Instead our clients get an all-access pass to experienced marketing and data scientists to help incorporate advanced analytics whenever and wherever applicable to better solve critical business issues. We deliver these results in easily digestible ways to ensure that they are used. Some examples of how we have applied advanced analytics to gain greater insights include:

  • MaxDiff asks respondents to choose between a variety of different options and provides a robust ranking of what is being measured—e.g., benefits sought, needs assessment, service use, information needs or sources
  • Conjoint asks respondents to choose between different products or services or a ballot measure with different features or characteristics. Results clearly show the importance of the overall attributes and sensitivity between different levels within these attributes. What-if scenario testing lets you see what combination of attributes and levels will best meet resident needs or gain the necessary level of support to succeed.
  • Driver Analysis, using categorial or linear regressions and structural equation modeling, identifies what is most important. When compared to current levels of performance, it is possible to clearly see where additional resources may be required and what must be maintained.
  • Modified Van Westendorp can be used to determine psychological acceptable range of prices for a new program or service or levy amounts.


We are not just about focus groups. Our expertise across a full spectrum of methodologies including hybrid and online methods maximize the amount of time we spend talking to people and get deeper meaning. We leverage creative techniques and approaches to go beyond the obvious answers and tap into underlying attitudes, emotions, and behaviors that drive consumer decision-making.