Who Is ComEngage?

ComEngage works with public agencies, regulated industries, and not-for-profit institutions to design and implement an inclusive, research-based engagement program that proactively and continuously includes the voice of the community and customers you serve and make your unique corner of the world a better place to live, work, and play.
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COMENGAGE.US provides the expertise, resources and technology necessary for organizations to develop and maintain a community that represents those you serve, enabling you to engage in ongoing research (quantitative and qualitative) to improve decision-making and increase support for your community, brand and policies. By combining our strong industry experience with a powerful and customizable technology platform we deliver superior results to government and community organizations of all sizes.

Local Government

Residents, businesses, and community stakeholders have clear needs and expectations of what their city must provide. Use COMENGAGE.US to recruit a representative sample of your community members to participate in ongoing discussions, using a mix of quantitative and qualitative research tools, to gather insights to better inform decision-making.


Users and potential users of public transportation throughout the country crave a better passenger experience on par with the best customer service. Use COMENGAGE.US to recruit a representative sample of your customers to continuously monitor their customer experience, engage them better understand travel behavior decision-making.

Special Projects

While our work with local governments and transportation agencies is extensive, we have a wealth of experience in a variety of subject areas as well as with different research methodologies and analytical tools. In fact, custom research solutions have been our bread and butter for decades.

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Your Team

Your COMENGAGE.US team (consisting of an Engagement Director, Community Manager, and a support team for programming, analytics, reporting, and data visualization) combines equal parts passion and skill to help you connect and engage with your community and deliver the insights you need to make better informed decisions


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